Facts & Figures

There are 2331 windows that complete the stunning all glazed façade of Chancery Place.

There are a total of 700 staircase steps in Chancery Place.

There are 337 tiles installed on the reception floor and 538 covering the walls.

Chancery Place stands tall at 60 metres, the same height as The Wheel of Manchester.

69 double storey glass fins crown the building between floors 14 and 15.

It takes approximately 141 footsteps to walk around the perimeter of Chancery Place.

Four destination passenger lifts transport passengers at 2.5 meters a second to their desired floor.

Upper floors contain approximately 7,760 sq. ft. of flexible grade A office space.

The passenger lifts at Chancery Place can carry 1050kg that’s the same weight as a Pacific Walrus and a large Armadillo combined.